Brussels Low-Cost Terminal

The Board of Directors of Brussels Airport has given the go-ahead to build a low-cost terminal to be completed in April 2009. The expansion will include re-opening part of the airport’s old passenger terminal. In addition there will be a modular pier that can be extended as traffic demand grows. Initially the pier will be able to handle six aircraft at a time, but could cope with 15 airliners at once with extensions. The no-frills facility will cater for direct LCC flights only, and not transfer traffic, thus simplifying baggage arrangements and eliminating the need for First or Business Class lounges.
The project is part of the airport’s strategy to steadily grow traffic in all sectors of the market. As well as the benefit to passengers, over time it is estimated that the facilities could generate up to 9,000 new jobs, 3,000 of them at the airport itself.