Ground Manoeuvring Collision At Manchester

Two airliners have been involved in a ground manoeuvring collision at Manchester Airport, UK.
The wing tip of a Futura Boeing 737 is reported to have hit the rear fuselage of a Lufthansa Airbus A320 while the Spanish jet was taxiing from Terminal 1.
No one was injured, but approximately 4ft (1.2m) was torn away from the B737’s starboard wing tip.
The Futura flight was bound for Tenerife with 180 passengers: the Lufthansa aircraft was due to carry 108 passengers to Frankfurt.
The airport remained fully operational and there were no delays to other flights because of the incident, which happened at 1330 BST.
The Air Accidents Investigation Branch is to carry out an inquiry.
A similar incident happened at Manchester’s Terminal 2 in November 2004 when a bmibaby Boeing 737 collided with the wing of an XL Airways Boeing 767.