Bratislava Developments

Two years after a new social democratic government was elected in the Slovak Republic, it has stopped the privatization of Bratislava Airport and its sale to Vienna Airport. The government has signalled that some vital investments will now take place. Among them is an extension to the present terminal – funded by the government to the tune of 2.1 million Slovak crowns (£54.5million).
Construction work is due to begin in January with completion expected in May 2010. The project will increase passenger capacity to 3.5 million; the current figure is 2.6 million per year. Once this is done, the original part of the terminal will be demolished and another extension, similar to the new one, will be added to further increase capacity by 1.5 million. Two separate smaller arrivals buildings will remain, and the completed project should suffice until 2020.
The airport predicts that passenger numbers will rise to 2.2 million in 2008, up from 2.04 million in 2007. However, it faces still more competition from Vienna International Airport, which is just 37 miles (60km) away across the border in Austria. The Slovak Government is optimistic that it can secure private investors to refinance the cargo facilities, maintenance hangars, hotels and shopping facilities.