‘Terror’ Arrests at Cologne Airport

Two men have been arrested on an aeroplane preparing to take off from Cologne airport.
Initial reports from BBC News described them as a Somali aged 23, and a Somali-born German of 24.
German police said the two were suspected of planning terrorist attacks and had been detained after a surveillance operation lasting several months.
A spokesman said the men “had intended to carry out holy war”, and that suicide notes had been found at their flat.
Both were on board KLM flight KL1804 bound for Amsterdam.
“The plane was boarded by police at 06:55 local time today,” police spokesman Frank Scheulen told the AFP news agency.
A KLM spokeswoman said German commandos had boarded the plane “as it was on the point of departure” and removed the two men. The rest of the passengers were asked to disembark for a baggage inspection.
The flight has now safely completed its journey to Amsterdam.