Heathrow Hosts Three A380s

On Saturday January 17, in a world first, Heathrow Airport played host to three Airbus A380 ‘superjumbos’ as Qantas joined Singapore Airlines and Emirates in making its maiden A380 flight to the UK.
The manufacturer claims that major advances in engine and fuselage design mean the A380 produces 50% less noise than a Boeing 747-400 during take-off.
It also says that technological efficiencies have lowered fuel consumption; and estimates that on a London to Los Angeles round-trip an A380 can save 90kg of fuel per passenger compared to the same trip in an alternative large aircraft. Airbus adds that in terms of CO2, this equates to a major reduction in emissions: 284kg CO2 less per passenger.
In a BAA press release, its Chief Executive, Colin Matthews, said: “Qantas’ A380 arrival is a momentous occasion for Heathrow Airport. It is a highly visible indication that airlines are committed to introducing cleaner, quieter aircraft to their fleets.
“Heathrow Airport has a challenging set of environmental targets to meet in order for the third runway to go ahead. Technological advancements in engine design are central in enabling us to ensure that air quality and noise will meet the limits set by the government.
“In the short term, aircraft such as the A380 provide some capacity relief as more passengers will be able to use the airport without increasing aircraft numbers.”
Singapore Airlines was the first airline to fly the A380, landing at Heathrow in March 2008.