Frankfurt’s Fourth Runway Approved

On January 16, the Hessen regional court in Germany approved the construction of a fourth runway and new Terminal 3 at Frankfurt’s Rhein-Main Airport; the penultimate step towards possible final approval by the German State in 2010.
The chairman of the management company Fraport AG’s Executive Board, Prof Dr Wilhelm Bender said Fraport considered the announcement on the capacity expansion of Frankfurt Airport (FRA) a great day for the entire German aviation industry and a signal to the capital market underscoring FRA’s future competitiveness.”
He explained: “the expansion keeps Fraport on course for staying competitive in the future,” adding: “the new landing runway and the planned Terminal 3 provide the foundation for economic growth and a noticeable increase in jobs at the airport and throughout the region.”
Dr Bender continued: “Frankfurt Airport is not only one of the biggest construction sites but also one of the most significant investment locations in Europe. Fraport alone is investing more than €4 billion in the expansion of FRA.
According to Dr Bender, the expansion programme will also be an important contribution towards surviving the economic and financial crisis and will particularly help the construction industry by securing and creating jobs.