Steve Fletcher 1964-2009.

Everyone here at KEY Publishing was shocked and upset to hear that our long-time friend and colleague, Steve Fletcher, has been killed in a light aircraft crash in Florida on January 25.
Steve was greatly respected, not only because of his first-class photographic skills, but also because of his friendly nature and keen sense of humour. There was always a smile on his face and that is how we will remember him.
Steve worked across the entire portfolio of KEY’s magazines and not only shot great pictures for Airports International but also enjoyed the rather more glamorous air-to-air photography that he regularly carried out for our ‘sister’ titles.
I particularly remember walking into our photographers’ den at KEY one day and asking Steve if he was free to accompany me to Stansted the following week. After a glance at the calendar he said yes. I then explained that I needed him to take pictures of black tarmac being laid down on a black runway in the middle of the night (surely a complete nightmare scenario for any photographer).
“Grrreat”, he replied with a chuckle and much irony before adding: “let me check that calendar again!”
It got worse. On the night in question it, err, how can I put it…‘rained persistently’, and we both ended up being completely soaked! Afterwards, as I dropped him off at his home at about 3am, we looked on the bright side – whatever assignment followed next, it must be an improvement!
But that was ‘Fletch’; the next laugh was never far away.
Our hearts go out to his family, especially his two very young children, whom he clearly adored and often talked about with great pride.
Blue skies Steve…
Tom Allett
Airports International