Auckland Welcomes A380 Schedules

On February 2, Auckland International Airport (AIA) welcomed its first scheduled A380 flight, when it arrived from Sydney.
Although this marked a first for Emirates’ A380s at AIA, the facilities had been tried out last October, when a Qantas A380 operated a trial flight to coincide with a then newly opened pier built specifically to handle the giant airliner.
Since October, the terminal’s new pier has been in continuous daily use with several airlines using smaller aircraft types, including Emirates.
AIA CEO, Simon Moutter, says the airport started preparing for the arrival four years ago.
“To ensure we were ready and A380 friendly; we have invested $50 million (US$25m) on widening our runway, widening our taxiways and building a new pier at our international terminal for this size aircraft,” said Mr Moutter.
The giant Emirates’ double-decker will initially serve Auckland three times a week – on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays. It is the airline’s intention to operate the A380 daily out of Auckland as soon as there are sufficient examples of the type in the fleet.