Reveal’s Two-Year Study Results

On February 3, Reveal Imaging Technologies Inc, a developer of explosive threat detection equipment, announced the results of a two-year study on liquid and homemade explosives (HME), conducted in collaboration with US and international security regulators and explosives experts from four countries. The study focused on detecting these defined threats in real operational environments and involved scanning more than 8,000 international bags containing hundreds of samples of liquid and HMEs.
“This study has resulted in the creation of the single most comprehensive database of its kind,” said Reveal’s President and CEO, Michael Ellenbogen. “Working with international regulators gave us unprecedented access to sample explosives in a wide variety of configurations. The data collected represents a cross-section of explosive configurations and packing scenarios based on intelligence from around the globe.”
The airport liquid ban has caused significant passenger service issues and hardship to duty-free commerce. “We are committed to safeguarding airlines and their passengers while maximizing operational efficiencies and the passenger experience,” said Mr Ellenbogen. “We have used the extensive data collected to develop an algorithm on the Reveal Explosive Detection System (EDS) platform capable of non-intrusively detecting the full range of threats highlighted by this study in passenger-checked and carry-on baggage. What this means to airports and airline passengers is that baggage containing liquids, cleared by any member of Reveal’s EDS family, can now be safely and confidently carried aboard aircraft.”
Reveal’s TSA-certified family of Dual Energy CT scanners measures both density and the effective atomic number of every object in a passenger’s bag.
The company says that testing the new algorithm demonstrates the ability to reliably detect a very wide range of liquids and HMEs, in conjunction with the more traditional military and commercial explosives, with a low false alarm rate and without opening passenger bags.