New Training Technology In Oman

The Oman Airports Management Company (OAMC) has adopted new training technology related to Smiths Heimann X-Ray equipment.  It has invested in a new OTS premium avsec simulation package, promoted as heralding new ‘IQS2’ image quality standards for X-Ray simulation, which is expected to enter service in Muscat.
Alfred Fisher, Marketing Director and Business Development manager of German security training specialists STI, said: “students as well as trainers will enjoy working on the most updated training methodology to learn X-Ray image interpretation more accurately and faster than before, thereby enhancing their threat recognition decision making skills.
“The Oman Airports Management Co has recognized that in conjunction with its preparations for the opening of new airports, it is also very important to invest in staff training and facilities.  This acquisition improves its screeners’ training levels with the help of E-Learning and state-of-the-art X-Ray simulation.”
The Royal Oman Police (ROP), which is responsible for security at the country’s airports, will use the OTS avsec training packages to train their operators.  The training technology has also recently entered service at Luxembourg Airport in Europe and the new Hyderabad International Airport in India.
“This new technology will not only help to improve threat detection skills but will also help to teach checkpoint screeners and supervisors to better understand the concept that, through proper training and relevant X-Ray machines the passenger bottlenecks can be diminished, resulting in an optimized workflow”, said Mr Fischer.
OTS is now in use at more than 95 countries across five continents, from the Americas over Dubai Airport Police in the Middle East to Sydney International Airport in Australia.
The new modular simulator concept called OTS premium is now available with different types of X-Ray Simulators.