Airport Security “Getting Ridiculous”

Security at airports is “getting ridiculous,” said Peter Griffiths, the International Air Transport Association’s (IATA) regional Vice President for Europe at a recent conference in Paris.  Adding that passengers: “almost had to strip” to get through some airports and this level of security did not apply to travel by train or ship.  He also said he often carries bottles of water in his hand baggage as a test to see if he was stopped, commenting that it happened only one in ten times.
Mr Griffiths advocated the need for global standards for security so that travellers knew whether they had to take out their laptops or remove their belts and cited a trip he made recently from Stockholm, through Denmark to Germany where he was screened just once rather than in each country.  Adding that there was a need for a “fast travel programme”, like the Schengen agreement that operates between several European countries where no passports are required for crossing borders.