FFG & Servair = FFS at JFK

On June 17 the international airline and retail catering company Flying Food Group (FFG) announced it was strengthening its long-term strategic partnership in the US with Servair by creating a new company named Flying Food Servair at New York’s John F Kennedy International Airport (JFK).
With the debut of Flying Food Servair JFK, the partnership will then jointly hold almost 45% of the international market share in five key cities: Chicago, Miami, New York, San Francisco and Seattle.  The new company begins its operations from a new state-of-the-art production unit close to the airport’s terminal buildings and inherits more than 20 existing FFG customers.
“This new facility at JFK strengthens our leadership position in airline catering at a key gateway city to Europe, the Middle East and Asia,” said Sue Gin, FFG founder and CEO.  “The debut of this cutting-edge operation is the culmination of a partnership that began 21 years ago, when I expanded my start-up airline catering company from one domestic customer to servicing many international airline customers.  Today, Flying Food Group services over 60 airline customers, primarily international.  Our success is an outgrowth of our affiliation with Servair.
“Airlines demand more and more comprehensive solutions in order to ensure a continuous quality of services,” said Patrick Alexandre, Chairman and CEO of Servair.  “Consolidating and developing Servair’s international presence is thus strategic.
Servair says that strengthening its 21-year partnership with the Flying Food Group is part of its policy to build local alliances that will: “bring reliability and constant quality of service while respecting local specificities, in order to match its customers’ development.”