Stansted Wins G1 Court Backing

The court of Appeal has thrown out the latest attempts by campaign group Stop Stansted Expansion (SSE) to block the airport’s G1 planning application.  This is the fifth time their core arguments against the development have been rejected.  Nick Barton, BAA Stansted’s Commercial & Development Director hit out at SSE’s continued attempts to block the development of the airport, after hearing the latest Court of Appeal ruling.
“This latest dismissal of SSE’s G1 challenge by the Court of Appeal is of course welcome news but it should come as no great surprise to anyone.  It’s disappointing that SSE failed to recognise the clear and unequivocal rejection of its arguments by the High Court in March.  But it’s not entirely surprising given SSE’s reluctance to ever accept decisions that go against them, however overwhelming the evidence may be,” he said.