737 for Norwegian Air Shuttle

Boeing image
Boeing image

August 24: Low-cost airline Norwegian Air Shuttle received its first directly-purchased Boeing 737-800 at the company’s plant at Seattle in Washington State.
Norwegian Air Shuttle ASA, commercially branded ‘Norwegian’, is the second largest airline in Scandinavia and the fourth largest low-cost carrier in Europe. Norwegian currently operates 45 aircraft, consisting of 13 leased 737-800s, 28 older 737-200s and four MD-80s. It has 45 737-800s on order, of which today’s delivery is the first. It will have received all its new aircraft by 2014, with the MD-80s being phased out as soon as possible.
“Having already leased 13 Boeing 737-800s, we know there are good reasons why the Next-Generation 737 is the best-selling airplane in the world,” said Norwegian Air Shuttle CEO Bjorn Kjos. “It’s the right answer for a point-to-point airline like Norwegian Air Shuttle.”
All Norwegian Air Shuttle 737 orders will include Boeing’s ‘Sky Interior’ cabin based upon the 787 Dreamliner design.