NCR partners with US Airways

The NCR Corporation has announced that US Airways is the first airline to deploy its TouchPort 80 self-service kiosk that allows passenger check-in at outdoor locations.  US Airways is deploying 54 kiosks in 15 US cities and St Thomas on the Virgin Islands, to provide another kerbside check-in option for passengers who choose to serve themselves.
“We know that our passengers want quick and easy check-in methods when they travel,” said US Airways’ managing director, Customer Strategy and Planning, Tim Lindemann.  “With the NCR TouchPort 80 kerbside locations, our customers now have one more self-service option for checking-in, reducing the time they spend in line.”
Designed to withstand inclement weather and fluctuating temperatures, the NCR TouchPort 80 is water resistant and employs an integrated thermoelectric device to heat and cool the unit.  NCR says its self-service check-in kiosks are deployed in more than 300 airports worldwide.
“With a focus on customer interactions, NCR is able to bring best practices from banking, retail and other industries to bear on the travel environment,” said Theresa Heinz, Vice President and General Manager, NCR Travel and Gaming.  “By extending the self-service convenience to travellers outside of the airport, US Airways is further differentiating itself among increasingly discerning consumers who expect to serve themselves how, where and when they choose.”