Russian Airport Development

Significant investments are being made to enhance facilities at airports throughout Russia.  The most notable project is at Pulkovo International Airport in Russia’s second largest city of St Petersburg, where an international consortium has pledged to renovate the existing facility and build a brand new terminal building.  Northern Capital Gateway, which comprises Russian financing specialist VTB Leasing, German airport operator Fraport and Greek technological specialists Copelouzos, plans to turn the airport into a major international hub.  The overall project is reported to be valued at more than €1.4 billion and a number of institutions have already expressed interest in providing financial support.
At Tolmachevo International Airport in Novosibirsk, a major reconstruction project has more than doubled passenger capacity from 1,250 to 2,650 people an hour, while a new VIP area has been created for both domestic and international travellers.  Elsewhere in the country, the regional government owners of Strigino Airport in Nizhny Novgorod, have released a tender for a 20-year support contract to modernise the facility.  The month-long tender process was due to close in August.
However, at Khrabrovo Airport, in the Baltic exclave of Kaliningrad, the second stage of its ambitious development has been put on hold.  According to local sources, plans to further develop the passenger and cargo facilities at the fast-growing airport have been deferred until the local aviation sector begins to grow and the economic situation improves.  Around 798 million ($25.1 million) had been set aside from the federal budget to support the improvement work.