Mixed Results at LFV…

The total number of passengers using LFV airports in Sweden was 2.5 million during October, representing a decrease of 9% compared with the same month the previous year.  International passenger numbers were down 8% to 1.4 million passengers and domestic 9 % to 1.1 million.
For the period January-October 2009 the total number of passengers at LFV Airports was 12% less, compared with the same period in 2008.  International passenger numbers were down 11% and domestic 14%.
In October the percentage decrease was lower than was recorded previously this year.  This is primarily due to the downturn which began in October 2008 and therefore the comparison is made with already weaker figures, says LFV Analyst Henrik Littorin.
Two LFV airports showed an increase in passenger numbers during October; Stockholm-Bromma was up 8% and Åre Östersund up 5%.  Stockholm-Arlanda dropped 10% while Göteborg Landvetter was down 12%.
LFV says the domestic trend continues with an increase in traffic to Norrland and Stockholm-Bromma, as seen earlier this year, and states that one very positive sign is that international traffic also increased in October.
The number of scheduled and charter landings decreased by 9% in October compared with the same month the previous year; international by 12% and domestic by 7%.  The accumulated number of landings for the period from January-October 2009 was 163 200, down by 11%.