100% Baggage Reconciliation In Lebanon

ON JANUARY 11, Middle East Airlines announced the implementation of the first ever integrated baggage management system in Lebanon.  The new set-up, provided by SITA, will reduce the level of mishandled baggage and will facilitate security at Beirut Rafic Hariri International Airport.
MEA says the system will immediately benefit 80% of the airlines flying to Lebanon whose flights are handled by Middle East Airlines Ground Handling (MEAG) and will also be made available to other ground handlers at the airport.  By reducing the number of mishandled bags it is expected to deliver the airline cost savings of up to 30%.
Adib Charif, CIO, Middle East Airlines, said: “Customer service is a priority to our airline and we aim to implement a system which not only improves service through better baggage management, but also provides cost savings and extra security.
“SITA’s solution will enable MEA to meet ICAO’s security rules regarding baggage reconciliation prior to flight departure.  On-time departures and security levels will both improve because the system makes certain that passengers and their baggage fly together on the same flight.”