AEA Hits Out At Polish Charges

THE ASSOCIATION of European Airlines (AEA), which represents the interests of Europe’s most important network carriers, has reacted strongly to the decision of PANSA, the Polish air navigation service provider, to raise its fees this year by 32% for flights across Polish airspace and by 62% for operations into and out of Polish airports.
“If ever an illustration of monopoly at work were needed, this is it,” said AEA Secretary General Ulrich Schulte-Strathaus.  “While the airlines suffer the most extreme business conditions they have ever known, some sectors of the industry consider themselves immune to the realities of the crisis.  We can’t turn to anyone else to guide us through Polish airspace; we either pay what they demand, or don’t fly.”
Polish airspace covers an area of more than 115.8 sq miles (300km2), and occupies a key position, straddling both North-South and East-West traffic flows across the continent.
According to AEA, It is a similar story in Ireland, where the country’s air navigation provider will increase the fees it charges its airline customers by 17%.