New IE2 Motors Now Available

IN DECEMBER 2009, Nord Drivesystems began to supply motors that are compliant with energy efficiency class IE2 (High Efficiency) as per IEC 60034-30.  In Europe, IE2 replaces the previous EFF1 certification and will be mandatory for a large number of electric motors (in the power range from 0.75 kW to 375 kW in operating mode S1) from June 16, 2011.  In almost all cases, NORD will retain the previous sizes of the IE2 motors but their efficiency will be improved by new technological solutions.  These include the use of more active material in the stator package with higher quality sheet metal, the use of more copper and also the use of an optimized winding pattern.  The fact that the motors are more economical to operate brings clear benefits to users − in addition to the greater efficiency of several percent, these include less heat production and extended service life of the drive technology.  These optimizations also result in greater power reserves, opening new possibilities for the design of drive systems.
Throughout the world, IEC 60034 will form the basis of more stringent requirements for the energy efficiency of rotating electrical machinery.  In Europe, the process will be implemented in several phases, and will be complete in 2017.  By this time even more efficient motors will be mandatory, with 10-15% less losses than with IE2 and which are categorised as IE3.  Details about the worldwide regulations and further information can be obtained found at