Zebra Streamlines SATS

ON DECEMBER 2, Zebra Enterprise Solutions (ZES), a division of Zebra Technologies announced the completion of the first phase of Singapore Airport Terminal Services’ (SATS) project to optimize the use of its ground service equipment (GSE) at Changi Airport.
SATS wanted to deploy a Telematics system at the Singapore Changi Airport to optimise vehicle planning, reduce its maintenance and fuel costs, and enhance driver safety by using real-time data.  SATS worked with ZES on a three-month pilot programme to deploy its Airport Visualiser product to meet a stipulated set of key performance indicators and installed Infoman hardware in more than 300 GSE items.  The Airport Visualiser not only helps SATS to monitor and manage vehicles in real-time on the airport map, but also supports SATS in its day-to-day decision making by providing graphical analysis data for its equipment.
ZES also implemented driver identification technology to meet SATS´ request for better safety and security.  Maintenance cycles were changed from fixed to engine hour-based intervals, not only helping to increase availability of vehicles, but also reducing maintenance costs.  By monitoring the run time of vehicle engines, SATS is now able to identify the engine idling time, and eliminate unnecessary engine hours, in-turn having a major impact on fuel consumption.
Finally, ZES installed a Geofencing Feature to address SATS’ concerns regarding the assignment of vehicles to defined areas.  The feature helps to increase safety on the airport apron by preventing GSE from entering the runway or operating in restricted areas, ensuring equipment is only operated within specified zones.
“SATS is a world-class customer and it is an invaluable experience for the ZES team to work with such a leading company,” said Simon Lotter, General Manager for ZES GmbH Singapore Branch.  “We are honoured that SATS has chosen us as their supplier and look forward to a continued cooperative and successful relationship.”