ADB And Carmanah Team Up

AIRFIELD LIGHTING technology provider ADB Airfield Solutions, (formerly part of Siemens AG) and solar technology provider Carmanah Technologies have teamed up to provide a line of solar-based LED airfield lighting for ADB.  The arrangement will augment ADB’s line of airfield lighting products with a range of solar-powered LED lighting alternatives.
As a stand-alone lighting option, Carmanah solar-powered airfield lights can be quickly deployed to challenging locations where the electrical infrastructure is incomplete or non-existent.  The combination of ADB LED products and Carmanah solar power management technology will also enable the deployment of fully compliant lighting systems using solar as either the primary or as a back-up power source.
According to Steve Rauch, ADB CEO, the addition of Carmanah’s solar-powered aviation technology will provide ADB customers with a comprehensive range of lighting alternatives.  “Solar-based lighting is a fast-growing requirement in the aviation industry,” said Rauch.  “We’re pleased to extend this solar technology to our customers as part of a full range of fixed and portable airfield lighting options.”
According to Ted Lattimore, Carmanah CEO, the opportunity to work alongside ADB in this capacity offers considerable benefits for both businesses and their customers.  “ADB’s commitment to customer satisfaction is well known throughout the industry,” said Lattimore.  “I’m confident Carmanah’s industry-proven technology will only strengthen that bond by delivering the type of powerful, time-tested technology that ADB customers have come to expect.”