Airport Recognizes Honesty And Integrity

AT THE December 15, 2009, meeting of the San Francisco Airport Commission, the Commissioners and the Airport formally recognized and publicly thanked Pacific Outfitter employee Ms Thi Kaung for her honesty, integrity, and commitment to customer service.
Ms Kaung is an employee of RDG Concessions, which operates several stores at SFO, including the Pacific Outfitter store in the International Terminal.  On November 17, 2009, a customer left his wallet in the store while shopping.  The wallet contained over $9,000 in US and foreign currencies.  Not knowing where he left the wallet, the customer understandably panicked, but eventually did report his loss to the police.
Fortunately for this passenger, Ms Kaung was working that day.  She found the wallet and turned it over to her supervisor, Mr Ebon Glenn.  Mr Glenn found the customer’s contact information inside the wallet and wrote him an e-mail informing him that the wallet had been found.  The customer told Mr Glenn that he was both overjoyed and relieved, and that it almost felt as if he’d won the lottery.  The customer and his property were reunited shortly afterwards.
“Thi Kaung represents the highest levels of integrity and dedication to customer service,” Airport Director John L Martin told the Commissioners.  “She serves as an example for personal integrity and for exhibiting a true focus on customer service that is second to none and makes SFO a world-class service experience.  On behalf of everyone at SFO, I am extraordinarily proud of her actions and I am pleased to recognize her at this important meeting.”