JR Duty Free For Christchurch

JR DUTY Free has been awarded the tender for Duty Free on airport shopping at Christchurch International Airport (CIAL), ahead of two other bidders.
“We are pleased to announce that JR Duty Free will be the new operator effective July 1, 2010,” said CIAL Chief Executive Jim Boult.  “JR has proven its success as a duty free operator in Australia as well as Wellington and Auckland airports, so we look forward to a successful collaboration.”
JR Duty Free will be operating in two new stores in the International Terminal and plans to provide a unique local − ie Canterbury − theme.
CIAL is currently preparing for a major refurbishment of the entire international airside departures retail area, and a new walk-through arrivals store.
Julie-Ann Beattie, CIAL’s Manager Commercial Development, said that the project was timed to ensure that visitors to Christchurch for the 2011 Rugby World Cup will benefit from the enhanced international offering.
“Airport planning looks many years into the future, and we are confident this development takes us in the right direction to cater for our growing number of international travellers.  Redevelopment of our international areas will be complete by late 2010, providing an enhanced level of service well in advance of the two major events for this city in 2011 − the International Paralympic Games and the Rugby World Cup”, she says.
The redevelopment of Christchurch’s duty free offering will provide 9,311 sq ft (865m2) of duty free retail space in International Airside Departures, and 5,877 sq ft (546m2) in International Airside Arrivals, both due for final completion in October 2010.  In addition there is the existing 1,076 sq ft (100m2) duty free store in International Landside Departures.
Jim Boult believes the airport’s mix of passengers and services creates a strong offering that is unmatched in the region.
“We expect to see continued growth over the next few years in not only the core domestic travel market but also in services both at the premium end of the international market and at the high-growth low-fare and no-frills end where strong retail spend can be generated.  The combination of low-cost carriers stimulating demand across the travel market, the stability of the legacy carriers serving the region, and the global pull of Christchurch as New Zealand’s tourism gateway is all advantageous for Christchurch Airport,” Mr Boult said.