Lounge For All At Wellington

A NEW customer facility, the Wild at Heart Lounge, opened at Wellington Airport on December 15 and will be available to visitors and airline passengers alike.
Previously, access to business lounges has been restricted by airline choice, loyalty ‘status’ and/or a requirement to join an annual programme.  The Wild at Heart Lounge has no restrictions on entry and operates on a pay-by-use basis.
“CEOs and CFOs of Wellington businesses and organisations have told me that they would like to see a lounge facility available for all business travel, supporting company policies of ‘best fare of the day’.
“We have listened and delivered,” said Steve Fitzgerald, CEO Wellington Airport, adding: “The Wild at Heart Lounge offers unparalleled flexibility.  As well as being available before a flight, it can also be used on arrival or as a place to meet guests and colleagues.
“The lounge offers refreshments, newspapers, magazines, Wi-Fi and office facilities, SKY TV and bathroom and shower facilities”.
It is located upstairs by the Conference Centre, Level 2 Main Terminal, in the area previously occupied by the Qantas domestic lounge.