Nexans For Dubai, Doha & Dublin

NEXANS HAS been awarded contracts to supply approximately 250 miles (400km) of cables for the extension or transformation of airport terminals in Dubai (UAE), Dublin (Ireland) and Doha (Qatar) International Airports.
The cables supplied will provide power and control to the baggage handling systems (BHS).  Nexans will supply halogen-free and fire-retardant power and control cables as well as bus cables.  Most of these will be manufactured at Nexans’ facilities in Monchengladbach and Nuremberg in Germany, and Frameries in Belgium.
For Dubai’s Terminal 3, Concourse 3, (T3/C3) Nexans will supply Siemens Middle East with approximately 125 miles (200km) of cables as part of the facility’s extension of Terminal 3.  The cable will provide power and control to the BHS once fitted, and should be installed during 2010.
Nexans has already supplied (between 2005-2007) 1,242 miles (2,000km) of cables for the existing BHS at Terminal 3 and the Mega Cargo Terminal at Dubai International.
As part of the Transforming Dublin Airport (TDA) programme, Nexans will supply Siemens Ireland around 60 miles (100km) of power and control cables which will be used in the BHS at Terminal 2 (T2).
T2 is the centrepiece of the TDA programme.  Work started on T2 in October 2007, and it is scheduled to open to the public in April 2010. When complete, the new facilities will allow Dublin Airport to comfortably handle up to 35 million passengers per year.
Another 62 miles of cable is to be supplied for the Doha Airport extension programme.  Nexans’ contract for the airport’s BHS came from Interoller Singapore (newly re-branded as Pteris Global).
“Baggage handling systems are extremely complex and the cables for these systems must adhere to strict technical and security requirements”, says Paolo Pieri, Nexans’ Executive Business Developer, Airport projects. “They must operate at high temperatures, prevent premature cable aging and look after passenger safety by assuring low smoke density and corrosive gasses if a fire occurs.”
In addition to BHS, Nexans provides a complete range of cable solutions to meet strict safety, security and performance standards required by modern airports.  On the infrastructure side, Nexans supplies power cables (high, medium and low voltage) and fibre optic cables for energy and communication networks in multiple terminals, hangars, airfields and control towers, and so on.  Nexans’ cable has already been fitted in many airports throughout the world, including Incheon Airport in Seoul, South Korea; Enfidha in Tunisia and Jeddah in Saudi Arabia.