Servair Enters Latin America Market

SERVAIR, THE French airline catering and airline logistics company has signed a contract with Comissaria Rio which has specialized in the external catering business in Brazil for over 20 years.
Servair says the deal is part of its international development and partnership strategy, which focuses on affiliation with local players, who have an indigenous knowledge, both of the local market and its codes.  Servair says that Latin America and Brazil in particular offer potential for significant growth, mainly because there are two international events due to take place in the near future:  the FIFA Football World Cup event in 2014 and the summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro in 2016.
Comissaria Rio is present at Rio’s International Airport and São Paulo hub.
Servair said it will bring commercial and technical assistance services in order to help Comissaria Rio develop air catering offers under the trademark Com Rio with Servair.  A company statement said that: “With a wide range of tailored services, Servair Consulting brings together technical, strategic and professional skills in order to offer the best support for its new local partner and airline companies that are present in Latin America.
“We are very confident that our expertise in the South American market and Servair’s expertise in the international market are the perfect union that will now bring great benefits to both companies, as well as to all airlines in Brazilian and South American airports,” said Rio’s Chairman and CEO, Euler Marques.
“This partnership marks the entry of Servair into Latin America.  Consolidating and developing our international network is strategic.  In conjunction with Com Rio, we are going to display all Servair’s expertise in Brazil in order to develop competitive and innovative catering offers,” declared Patrick Alexandre, Servair’s Chairman and CEO.