Siemens Wins At Malpensa And Linate

SIEMENS MOBILITY and the Italian company Elsag Datamat have won a maintenance contract – valued at around €54 million (US$74m) for the maximum contractual extension of eight years − from SEA, the operators of the Milanese airports at Malpensa and Linate.  The contract covers servicing and maintaining the existing baggage handling systems at Malpensa International Airport (MXP) Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 as well as at Linate International Airport (LIN).  Siemens’ share as the leader of the consortium is approximately 60% of the order value.
Since 2006, baggage has been handled and routed via a Siemens tray conveyor system at Malpensa International Airport and more than 13,000 items of baggage can be handled per hour.  At the smaller Linate, a belt conveyor system is used.  Siemens had installed the baggage handling systems at Linate and Malpensa.
Siemens Mobility will be implementing an RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology management system.  Every technician will also have a small portable computer (PDA − Personal Digital Assistant) showing him or her all the scheduled work and system faults on the display.  The scheduling and co-ordination of all maintenance work will be assisted by this facility.
The scope of services covers all aspects of maintenance: inspection, preventive and corrective maintenance as well as spare parts management.  Another part of the service range is the so-called evaluative maintenance.  This covers modernization, extension and upgrading projects to keep the systems on a high technical level and to adjust them to suit the individual operative customer requirements.  Future work will be planned and implemented hand in hand with the airport operator.