King Shaka International Airport Named

THE NEW name for the international airport at La Mercy near Durban in South Africa has been revealed as King Shaka International Airport (KSIA) − after one of the most famous Zulu kings
The project has been in the works from the early 1970s and is now nearing completion in the ILembe District to the north of Durban.  In the mid-1990s, the name King Shaka International was unofficially used and continued from the time the project was given the green light in June 2006.  However, the airport was publically referred to as ‘The new international airport at La Mercy’.
Now with the name issued, the Airports Company South Africa (ACSA) is in the process of finalising its international airport code and call sign for aviation regulation purposes and is working to ensure the road and terminal signage are fast-tracked before the operational opening on May 1, 2010.