Best fly with an Oxford pilot?

"Okay – set intercom to ‘Posh accent’ mode.”  Key archive
"Okay – set intercom to ‘Posh accent’ mode.” Key archive

March 29: A study by UK travel agent says that airline passengers are put off by pilots with a ‘Brummie’ accent.
The study into UK accents and passenger trust showed that they are “least likely to trust” a pilot with a Birmingham or Liverpudlian accent are the most likely to make their passengers “anxious”.
In the poll of 2,043 people 81% of the respondents said a classic accent from Oxford would make them feel in good hands. Three-quarters would “feel at ease” with a pilot from Edinburgh and two-thirds said that a friendly Geordie accent made them feel “safe”. Nearly three-quarters said a ‘Brummie’ accent the least likely to put passengers at ease.
Chris Brown, co-founder of, said “We were really keen to find out, from the passengers’ point of view, which accents were the most likely to put them at ease. We weren’t surprised to find that the classic ‘BBC accent’ is the most widely accepted. I think the passengers prefer it when they can’t really detect an accent in their pilot’s voice, but it was good to see that some were happy to hear a voice with a bit of character such as a Welsh or Scottish twang.”