US Airport Survey

J D POWER and Associates has released its 2010 North America Airport Satisfaction Study, which reveals that the sector is falling behind other areas of the travel industry.  Areas where US airports came up short included prompt baggage delivery, comfort and ease of navigation.  The survey asked passengers to rate 27 specifics on a ten-point scale focusing on accessibility, baggage, check-in, terminal facilities, security and food/retail service.  Overall satisfaction rose 2.2% compared to the 2008 survey, but was 8.7% under that achieved by the hotel industry.
The study was divided into large airports serving more than 30 million passengers per year, medium airports handling 10-30 million and small airports with fewer than 10 million.  The highest-ranking large facilities were Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County (705 points out of 1,000), Denver International (701) and Minneapolis-St Paul International (701); the average was 655.  Kansas City International led the medium-sized category with a score of 742.  The top small airport was Indianapolis International, which had the highest overall score (777) in the entire study.