Garuda Selects Aircom

ON JUNE 9 Garuda Indonesia announced the selection of air transport communications specialist, SITA, to provide AIRCOM Datalink Services for its growing fleet of aircraft as part of its Quantum Leap modernisation plan which includes doubling the fleet to 116 over the next five years.
The recently launched strategy aims to re-establish Garuda as a leading international airline and says this five-year deal: “will ensure reliable aircraft communications from any part of the globe over VHF and SATCOM Services.”
SITA states that its AIRCOM Communications Services will: “enable Garuda to substantially automate the airline’s flight operations including the automated uplink of load sheets, position reports and aircraft movement reports.  The result will be fuel savings, schedule optimisations and enhanced passenger services as there will be fewer flight interruptions and unnecessary delays.”
Emirsyah Satar, President and CEO, Garuda Indonesia, said: “Our Quantum Leap strategy includes a major fleet rejuvenation and expansion.  SITA’s AIRCOM services will ensure that we meet the highest standards for our aircraft communications as we introduce the new aircraft and recommence our intercontinental flights.
“We are assured that with SITA’s support our infrastructure and operational efficiencies will be on par with other major international airlines, both in Asia and the rest of the world.”
Damian Hickey, SITA Regional Vice President, South Asia and India, said: “This is a significant upgrade of Garuda’s aircraft communications infrastructure and includes the provision of AIRCOM Datalink Services, SITA’s AIRCOM Server and Flight Sentry Display for flight following and management.
“Most importantly, the airline is looking at its international expansion and has contracted for new services including ACARS/FANS (Future Air Navigation Systems) over Iridium.”
SITA’s AIRCOM Communications Services provide secure and reliable datalink services for more than 50% of the global fleet of commercial jetliners.  In addition SITA says its Communication Management Tools, including AIRCOM Server and Flight Sentry Display, are: “the de-facto industry standard in use by over 60 major airlines worldwide.”
Garuda’s ‘Quantum Leap’ plan includes an increase to more than 27 million passengers and 62 destinations by 2014.