‘Best’ and ‘worst’ UK airports – poll

A poll by airport transfer comparison website www.airporttransfers.co.uk has revealed the UK’s most loved and hated airports according to the British public.

Birmingham's terminal. Key archive

The study aimed to find out what travellers’ attitudes were towards various British airports, so respondents were subsequently asked to reveal what they believed to be the ‘best’ and ‘worst’ in the UK. Research of 2,372 holidaymakers found that Birmingham is a favourite place to fly from, but Luton is considered least favourite.
This was determined by the respondents’ scores of various aspects of the airport experience, and the top five ‘best’ UK airports, according to the poll, are 1st – Birmingham with 54 out of 60 points; 2nd – Cardiff (48/60); 3rd – Liverpool (47/60); 4th – Manchester (43/60) and 5th – Glasgow (35/60)
The five ‘worst’ UK airports, as voted by respondents, are Luton (16/60), Stansted (20/60), East Midlands (21/60), Gatwick (26/60) and Heathrow (30/60).
Almost two thirds of respondents admitted that they preferred flying from smaller regional airports outside of London and 12% claimed that the airport experience was one of the things they ‘most looked forward to’ about a holiday.
Chris Brown, co-founder of airporttransfers.co.uk, said “For some people, the airport experience can be a stressful one, especially when faced with delays, queues and unfriendly staff. With our customers heading to various airports across the UK every day, we were really keen to find out which ones were loved and which passengers would rather avoid.
“I was really surprised to see London’s four main airports voted in the ‘worst’, but I think many people are put off by larger, busier airports. Whilst all of the London airports scored relatively high for shopping experience, it seems a lot of passengers feel let down in the more important customer service areas such as friendliness of staff and check-in efficiency.”