Germans slap air passenger tax on flights

September 2: The German government has decided to impose an unpopular air passenger tax on all domestic and international flights from January 1, 2011. Passengers will be charged €8 for domestic and European short-haul flights, €25 for medium-haul flights and €45 for long-haul flights, says ATW News
The German Airports Airport Association (ADV) has criticised the proposal, part of an ‘austerity’ package of taxes outlined by the Federal Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble yesterday. “The federal government simply sticks its head in the sand,” said ADV Chief Executive Ralph Beisel. “Whether they are in line with national and European legislation, the moves will have consequences for employment and prosperity in Germany.” The ADV still hopes to convince the Bundestag to cancel the imposition of the tax, expected to raise €1 billion a year.