ADB LED For Rygge

AIRFIELD LIGHTING specialist ADB, has announced that its high-intensity LED runway lighting solution was installed for the first time in Europe at Moss Airport in Rygge, Norway.  ADB says that using its improved L-850A LED Runway Centerline lights and L-850B LED Touchdown Zone lights successfully in a CAT- II airport system: “proves the power of this solution”.  A company statement said that: “this sets an example for other airports that want to benefit from the numerous advantages LED-based lighting offers, including lower power consumption and a longer service life”.
The company says it believes that LED ground lighting is undoubtedly the future of airport lighting and that “it is at the forefront of developing this technology”.  ADB says that having successfully run a factory acceptance test on its high-intensity lights (complying with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) recommendations), the L-850A (CAT I & II) and L-850B (CAT I, II & III) runway lights expand ADB’s wide range of LED airfield products.
Branch Office Manager at ADB Airfield Solutions Jan Bos commented: “The numerous advantages of LED-based lighting will make LED lights the benchmark for modern airport lighting solutions.  The lower power consumption and longer service life
(thus producing fewer disposables) are not only friendly to the airport’s budget, but also to the environment.  Consequently, we consider the L-850 range of runway lighting as an important addition to our wide portfolio of airfield LED solutions.  The great success of the first installation at Moss Airport is indicative of the unrivalled power of our LED runway solution, and paves the way for further implementations at airports around the world.”