Thales Wins Zagreb Contract

ON MAY 27th, the Croatian air navigation service provider Croatia Control Ltd and Thales signed two contracts.  They related to the supply and installation of both primary and secondary STAR 2000/RSM 970 S radars at Zagreb international airport and for the equipment of the regional airports of Pula, Zadar, Split and Dubrovnik by deploying extensions of the EUROCAT ATM system from Zagreb that has been operational since 2005.
The Thales STAR 2000 and co-mounted RSM 970 S Mode S MSSR radar equipment are solid-state radars that will feed data into the Thales EUROCAT Air Traffic Control centre.  Thales says these systems: “use advanced technology that is continuously improved and updated to remain at the forefront of radar technology,” and adds that: “the implementation of the new radars will provide complete airspace security around Zagreb”.
EUROCAT is an advanced en route, approach and airport movements tool and Thales says: “Croatia’s civil aviation authority will now benefit from a fully proven system that has demonstrated its operational capabilities in 16 European countries”.  The company adds that it has supplied a total of 260 air traffic control centres worldwide, all designed to comply with international standards and meet customers’ requirements for enhanced air traffic safety and security”.
On June 9, Croatia Control Ltd signed with representatives from COOPANS (COOPeration between Air Navigation Services providers) and Thales the agreements conferring upon CCL the status of Accessing Member.  In confirming its definitive membership in 18 months time, Croatia Control Ltd will become the 5th member of the COOPANS partnership, which will allow it to benefit from the advanced functions of the EUROCAT product all while sharing development costs.
“We are proud to pursue our 30-year partnership with Croatia Control Ltd. and to help Croatia’s civil aviation community ensure that the safety of flying in the Croatian skies is continuously enhanced.” said Rémi Gille, Thales Vice President for ATM business.