Last BA 757 flight

November 8: Following its final scheduled Boeing 757 service on October 30, British Airways operated its very last passenger service with the type on November 6.
On what was a staff-only flight, the airline offered its employees the chance to bid for a seat on this final journey, with all monies received going to the company’s preferred charity, Comic Relief.
In the event, 128 employees boarded the airline’s ‘retro’ jet, G-CPET for BA 9216C.
Departing Heathrow’s northerly runway to the west, the flight then routed north past Aylesbury and Milton Keynes before climbing to 19,000ft, over Northampton and Leicester.
After descending to 15,000ft it continued over Derby (where the aircraft’s engines were made), Nottingham, Sheffield and up to Bradford, before making a long right-hand turn over Leeds city centre to head west to Manchester.
The descent continued to 12,000ft, passing south over Stoke on Trent, Birmingham and Coventry. After being cleared down to 9,000ft, single orbits were completed just north of Oxford, and again at Hemel Hempstead, before heading to London. Those on board were treated to a view of the 2012 Olympic site, London City Airport and the London Eye before touching down on Heathrow’s runway 27 left. BA’s few remaining 757s will now be converted into freighters.