Airports Advised To Stock Up For Winter

DE/ANTI-ICING expert Kilfrost is reminding ground handling teams to ensure they have enough supplies to deal with what is predicted to be another winter of severe weather.
Following on from the challenging 2009-2010 winter season, which saw a prolonged cold snap across much of mainland Europe and North America, airports are being advised to stock up with de/anti-icing fluid in anticipation of similarly icy conditions in the winter months ahead.
“In many cases last winter, we had to more than quadruple our usual supply levels of fluid,” said Gary Lydiate, Chief Executive of Kilfrost.  “For example, airports in Italy took the total level of stock we supplied during the whole of the 2008/2009 season in just ten days last December.”
Although many airports were challenged by the severity of last winter, most have now made their winterisation plans even more robust and are well placed to cope with similar conditions.
“Many of our customers have been planning months in advance and arranged their first fill of the pipelines during the summer,” Mr Lydiate added.  “We’d recommend ground handling teams calculate new, increased stock levels and think about arranging additional storage capacity, as well as scheduling regular top-ups to fluid to prevent any issues as and when the temperature starts to fall.”