New ALSTEF System At Montréal Trudeau

ON AUGUST 19 at 03:30 local time the first passenger departing to the USA from Montréal Trudeau dropped his luggage on one of the new ALSTEF conveyors.  He was followed by about 3,000 passengers during this first day of operation.
All those travellers were using the airport’s new baggage handling system which, the airport says: “integrates more functionalities than ever provided for baggage handling in any airport,” before.
At Montréal, as in many other Canadian airports, passengers flying to the USA went through the US immigration process at departure.  Now, Trudeau is the first airport to comply with the latest US administration regulation, which starts with the bag drop.  An attendant scans the barcode on the boarding pass and the bag tags.  The information is processed by ALSTEF’s Bagware software, which matches each bag tag with the passenger boarding information enabling it to be tracked through the security controls imposed by the Canadian and American authorities.
After drop-off each bag is loaded on one of the 105 autoca Destination Coded Vehicles (DCVs) manufactured by the German company Beumer.  As part of the process, a photograph of the bag is taken; its radio-activity is measured and it is sent to the Explosive Detection System (EDS).  It is then stored on one of the 500 conveyors installed on two levels until the passenger is allowed to enter the US.
At this stage the customs officer can recall the bag from the storage area, in which case it would be automatically routed via a DCV to an inspection area.  It is only after the passenger has been cleared that his luggage can be routed to the sortation chutes for loading onto the aircraft.
The transfer of operation from the old to the new terminal was carried out overnight as planned with Aéroport de Montréal (ADM), marking the final stage of a two-year CAD project.  ALSTEF holds a 20-year operations and maintenance contract for the Trudeau sytem.