Screening For Singapore’s FreePort

ON OCTOBER 20, L-3 Security & Detection Systems announced that the Singapore FreePort Pte Ltd was to deploy a range of L-3 security solutions throughout its facility to screen people, mail, parcels and freight.
The FreePort facility is located at Changi International Airport, and is dedicated to the secure storage and trade of the some of the world’s finest collections of art, jewellery and other high-end valuables.
“We are pleased that The Singapore FreePort has chosen a comprehensive set of advanced L-3 detection technologies to protect entry points throughout its highly secure facility,” said Thomas M Ripp, President of L-3 Security & Detection Systems.  “The ability to scan full-size inbound and outbound pallets without having to unpack them was a key requirement.  Our CX-Pallet is the only imaging system in the region capable of providing a seamless and cost-effective solution that addresses this significant challenge.”
L-3 systems selected for the Singapore FreePort’s checkpoints include the ProVision imaging system, for people screening, and
the dual-energy PX 6.4 X-ray system, for inspections of hand-carried items.  For the FreePort’s freight inspections, the PX-160P X-ray system screens oversized packages, and the high-energy CX-Pallet system serves as
a dual-view imaging solution for large pallets.