Smiths’ aTiX Approval

ON OCTOBER 19, Smiths Detection announced that its aTiX scanners have been given official EU approval for liquid threat detection at airport security checkpoints.
Compliance with the EU’s Liquid Explosive Detection Systems (LEDS) Standard 2 Type C means the X-ray systems can be used to scan multiple liquid, aerosol or gel containers simultaneously in trays at carry-on baggage checks with no need for the containers to be opened.
The current ban on taking standard bottles of liquid through airport checkpoints is due to be eased in the EU for transit passengers from April 2011.
Stephen Phipson, CBE, President of Smiths Detection, said: “This important EU approval is another milestone for Smiths Detection.  Our aTiX systems offer the advantage of having one solution for multi-purpose and multi-threat security, greatly improving the efficiency of checkpoint operations.”
The HI-SCAN6040 aTiX and 7555 aTiX X-ray were approved following stringent testing by security specialists working on behalf of the German Federal Police Technology Centre in cooperation with the European Civil Aviation Conference.
Unlike conventional X-ray technology, aTiX systems capture multiple views of carry-on or checked luggage in a single sweep.  Using advanced software algorithms, the screening machines are able to alert the operator to potentially harmful items.