Qantas A380 incident was “worse than it seemed”

November 17: The number two engine has been successfully removed from the Qantas Airbus A380 aircraft involved in the engine failure on November 4 and is being progressively dismantled in an engine workshop in Singapore.
Parts of the engine are already at Rolls-Royce’s factory in Derby in the UK and the Australian Transport Safety Bureau has sent investigators to the UK to help with the ongoing investigation.
German newspaper Spiegel Online has reported that the recent incident of the uncontained engine failure on a Qantas A380 was a “disaster narrowly avoided”.
The newspaper highlighted a number of problems were caused by shrapnel piercing hydraulic systems in the aircraft’s wing – fuel leaked from two of the fuel tanks contained within the wing and control cables to the outer engine on the port wing had also been cut, resulting in the pilots being unable to shut it down on landing. As the fuel dump mechanism had also been damaged, none could be jettisoned to bring the aircraft’s landing weight down and due to the high landing weight and the anti-lock system also inoperable due to the damage to the hydraulic system, the pilots used most of Singapore airport’s 4,000m runway.
There is severe damage to the aircraft’s port wing, which may have be replaced before it can fly again.