Cargo On The Climb?

WORLD AIR cargo traffic will expand at an annual rate of 5.9% over the next two decades, with worldwide air freight traffic expected to triple through 2029, according to Boeing’s recently released World Air Cargo Forecast 2010/2011.  The biennial forecast shows that air cargo traffic rebounded strongly in November 2009 and this has continued through the first eight months of 2010.  As a result, says Boeing, world air cargo traffic is expected to regain its 2007 peak by the end of this year.
“In addition to the strong economic rebound, anecdotal evidence suggests that many industrial shippers have turned to air cargo in response to the overcorrection that constrained capacity in other modes of transport, particularly containerships.”
Boeing’s research indicates that the world’s freighter fleet will increase to 2,967 aircraft from 1,755 over the next 20 years.
Interestingly the study predicts that large freighters – such as the Boeing 747 and Boeing 777 – will ultimately representing a third of the fleet, compared to the 27% of today.