France’s Enhanced Signature

FOLLOWING THE launch of Signature Flight Support’s (SFS) ground handling coordination service in Germany earlier this year; the company is now offering this enhanced service to its customers in France.
On November 24, SFS announced that it now has the ability to assist its operators in coordinating additional flight support services such as slot coordination, NOTAMs, weather and pilot briefings, ground handling, fuel, catering, hotels, limousines at airports throughout France.  SFS states that its customers operating in France: “now only need to make one call and SFS will do the rest”.  These services are offered in addition to Signature’s established French Fixed Base Operator (FBO) locations in Paris Le Bourget (LBG), Toulon (TLN) and Nice (NCE).
Through agreements with a network of existing FBOs and airport authorities across France, SFS says it can now schedule flight support services for its customers, arrange credit and billing and offer a single invoice for all services received for the customer’s trips within the country.
“By growing our presence in France, we are able to offer our customers a full-service experience from slot coordination to fuelling.  Signature Flight Support’s French flight support services are another example of our customer-centric focus and our ability to offer world-class experiences for each customer tailored to their individual requirements,” said Steve Gulvin, SFS’s Regional Vice President for Europe and Middle East.