Online Opportunities For Domodedovo

A RECENT survey of the check-in attitudes and habits of passengers at the world’s airports by technology specialist SITA has found that there are great opportunities for growth in online booking and self-service check-in rates at Russia’s busiest airport, Domodedovo International in Moscow.
Online booking is near its full potential in many regions around the world but, while 84% across the world book their flights online, the survey found that only 45% of Moscow travellers have experience of using the medium.  Notably, on the actual day of the survey, only 15% had booked their flight online, out of the 33% who knew that it was available.
It was a similar story for check-in with just 14% of the 27% of passengers aware that self-service check-in was available for their particular flight, actually using it.  While globally, the main reason for not using this facility in 47% of cases was that the traveller had bags to check-in, in Moscow the main reason was a preference for the human interface among the largely male, business travelling public.  Many apparently also felt that they received preferential treatment at the desk, according to SITA.
“There are positive signs of growth in self-service check-in but clearly there are great opportunities to increase availability and awareness,” said Boris Padovan, SITA Regional Vice-President, East and Central Europe.  “Passengers who experience online booking and self-service check-in are usually keen to repeat the experience.”