Servair For Alitalia

ON NOVEMBER 25 Servair announced it had been chosen to run Alitalia’s catering activity through its new subsidiary Servair Solution Italia (SSI).  Servair had actually begun this role on November 1, after the two companies have signed a seven-year contract.
“With a complete and made-to-measure offer, Servair Solution Italia combines the business, strategic and technical skills needed to offer Alitalia the best possible service. We are making use of all our know-how in management, culinary services, negotiation and training so that the company can focus on its core business,” said SSI’s Chairman, Hervé Paris.
“With its experience, large number of clients and presence in several markets, Servair will enable us to optimise our supply chain in terms of the quality of the services offered and the responsiveness and flexibility of suppliers.  From now on, through Servair Solution Italia, we have a highly integrated organisation in a single structure.  Servair Solution Italia’s proposals and advice will give new impetus to our company in the coming years and further increase the quality of the end service,” said Alitalia Purchasing Director Francesco Festa.
SSI is now responsible for negotiating the best price for all purchases connected to in-flight services (raw materials, catering contract follow-ups, supplies, stock management and setting up reliable and responsive logistics).  For each stopover, SSI will be responsible for selecting suppliers to rationalise and significantly reduce catering costs.  It will also apply Alitalia-defined specifications for products and services.  SSI will also act as the interface between caterer and airline crews’ providing support as they take charge of the menus and products selected.
SSI is based in Rome and headed by Jérôme Félici, formerly Assistant Manager of the Air France KLM-Alitalia partnership.  Previously, Jérôme Félici held the post of Head of Alitalia’s In-flight Services.