US Approves VIBES

THE VANDERLANDE Industries baggage handling software (VIBES) is now approved for the USA market making a recognised controls brand in the North American market.
“This is essential in our business”, explained Henk de Groot, Vanderlande’s VP Operations.  “No two airports are the same in terms of layout and distances, traffic volumes and patterns etc.  That is why there are no standard baggage handling solutions.  The state-of-the-art technical software combined with our deep knowledge of IT and controls, enables us to offer every client the right solution for their baggage handling operation.”
Vandelande says “today’s demand for detailed planning, flexible response to schedule changes and instant access to supervisory information makes IT a vital part of the total baggage handling system,” and adds that: “this flexible and modular baggage handling software enables the complete operational management of baggage handling systems.  This suite is fully compliant with latest regulations of the TSA, the agent of US Department of Homeland Security that oversees inline screening of baggage, as well as CATSA, the Canadian regulatory body.”
VIBES software has been installed at Houston George W Bush International, San Antonio International and Sacramento International Airports.