Wind Of Change?

NEWCASTLE INTERNATIONAL Airport in the north east of England is claiming to be one of the first facilities in the world to develop a Radar Blanking Strategy which could enable a number of renewable energy wind farm schemes to be set up in the region.  These have the potential to affect the daily operations of the airport’s Air Traffic Control, as wind turbines can appear on radar with similar markings to a moving aircraft.
However, through the use of a software update applied to the radar system which effectively places a ‘patch’ over a wind farm site the turbines will no longer appear and so therefore they cannot be mistaken for moving aircraft.
“It is expected that there will be a limit to the number of Radar Blanking Areas that are possible,” notes the airport’s management, confirming that this is “seen as short-term mitigation” strategy.  “The CAA and others throughout the industry have made, and continue to make, a concerted effort to explore a long-term solution to this issue,” they add.