Mayor of London Calls for new Airport

The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, has called for a new international hub airport to be built in the South East of England to ensure that the capital keeps pace with European competitors.
A new report from Transport for London (TFL) shows that Heathrow has fallen behind Frankfurt and Paris in terms of international connections. However, the document, prepared by TFL’s Deputy Chairman, Daniel Moyland, doesn’t specify any specific sites for a new airport.
Mr Johnson said: “For London to retain its position as the heartbeat of global business we need aviation links that will allow us to compete with our rivals.
“The capital’s airports are full, our runways are rammed and we risk losing jobs to Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Madrid or other European cities should we fail to act.
“No other city even approaches the volume of passengers handled at London’s airports, but we need to start planning for a brand new airport that can help meet the ever increasing demand for aviation and act as a hub, particularly to the rest of the UK.
“Heathrow is not the answer. Its confined and unsuitable location means it cannot grow to a size comparable to the expanded airports at Frankfurt, Madrid, Amsterdam and Dubai.”
In 2008 Mr Johnson called for a new airport to be built in the Thames Estuary, but that idea was criticized on environmental grounds.
Commenting on the TFL report, a spokesman for the British Government’s Department for Transport said: “We welcome the Mayor’s input and his suggestions will be considered alongside the many other contributions to the debate about our future aviation strategy.
“However, we have made clear that we do not support the construction of additional runways at Heathrow, Gatwick or Stansted.
“That is why we are working with interested parties to develop a new framework for aviation which is more sustainable but still supports economic growth.”