BAA Announces Traffic Results

THE SIX UK airports controlled by BAA handled 7.2 million passengers in December 2010, a decrease of 10.9% on December 2009.  This is almost entirely due to the disruptive effects of the coldest December since records began in the UK, which affected much of North West Europe and latterly the North Eastern seaboard of the US.
Compared with December 2009, London/Heathrow’s passenger total fell 9.5%, but without the passenger losses as a result of the snow, it is estimated that underlying performance was broadly flat.  At the other airports, Edinburgh and Southampton experienced the largest percentage declines as a result of the bad weather (18.4% and 22.0% respectively).
Figures for the whole of 2010 resulted in a group total of 103.9 million passengers, a drop of 2.8% on 2009 – possibly attributable to the effects of two extended periods of BA strikes and the Icelandic volcanic ash cloud.  Taken together, BAA estimates that these events caused the loss of 3.6 million passengers at its UK airports.